Week 11 Fantasy Football Review: Matt Schaub Goes Off!



A Sign of things to come?

Matt Schaub posted an uncharacteristic 527 passing yards against the Jacksonville Jaguars in what turned out to a very entertaining shoot out. The Texans thus far this year have been known as a rather run heavy offense which pushed Matt Schaub to the waiver wire in many standard leagues. While this game may have seemed like a bit of an aberration in the passing game it also seems to be an aberration for the Texans rushing attack as Fantasy super star Arian Foster rushed for a mere 90 yards and no touchdowns. For Arian Foster that is rather unusual but perhaps a sign of things to come for the remainder of the regular season. I am not saying by any means that you should not start or get rid of Arian Foster, he remains a must start in all formats. Just don’t be surprised if Schaub is passing a bit more as the Texans try to open things up a little in preparation for their title run. I am hoping this potential move will make the Texans more dangerous on offense which in turn will open up holes in the defense for both players.

Catch up kings

The Oakland Raiders have been a valuable source of fantasy football points throughout the season for those who can stomach their awful ways. Last week against the high power Saints offense the Raiders once again found themselves down 3 touchdowns to one heading into the half. Falling behind early has sort of been the Raider’s M.O. this season forcing Carson Palmer to air it out. This works out just fine for fantasy football purposes but predicting the benefactor of this passing barrage isn’t as easy it you might think. Last week I incorrectly advised benching Marcel Reece who of course had strong outing posting over 190 total yards. Half of those yards came through the air which brings me to my point. As of this writing the top five Oakland Raiders in targets on the year are; Denarius Moore (74) Brandon Meyers (67) Darrius Heyward-Bey (49) Darren Mcfadden (48) and now Marcel Reece (48) So for those keeping score, Denarius Moore is the top dog followed by Carson Palmers tight end Brandon Meyers. After that Heyward-Bey who has missed a little time and then what appears to be Carson Palmers security blanket; the two starting running backs. It would seem that while Carson Palmer still has a good arm, his game has regressed to a lot of dink and dunk dump off plays. This of course gives any starting running back for the Oakland Raiders tremendous value in any format, especially PPR. Watch the injury reports and keep them on your radar at all times. The Raiders will continue to be down and passing making any of the aforementioned players viable options any given week.

The Pittsburgh Passing Problem

If there was one player the Pittsburgh Steelers could not afford to lose it was clearly Ben Roethlisberger. Big Ben was without a doubt the engine that made the offense go in Pittsburgh and his absence was felt on Sunday night. It’s not that Byron Letwich’s passing yardage total was terribly bad (199 yards passing in his first game in a long time isn’t too shabby) but his accuracy and arm strength was clearly lacking. Add to that his broken ribs and now you have Charlie Batch as your starting quarterback heading into week 12. Mike Tomlin is a seasoned coach and knows what he is doing so I’m sure the Pittsburgh offense will get things worked out; just don’t expect it to be through the air. I think the big benefactors here would be Heath Miller and the three headed running back committee of Rasard Mendenhall, Jonathan Dwyer and Isaac Redman. Heath Miller has been one of Roethlisberger’s favorite red zone targets this year and will continue to be a favorite target of whatever “retread”quarterback the Steelers trot out there. I’m sure Mike Wallace will still get his targets but if you have a willing buyer I might sell him off for 80 cents on the dollar.

If you are looking to make a deal be sure to consult our experts 7 days a week for fantasy football trade advice!

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Week 10 Fantasy Football Review: Quarterback Injuries



Quarterback Injuries Abound!

It seems like every single quarterback in the league sustained some sort of injury this past week. Ben Roethlisberger, Jay Cutler, Alex Smith and Michael Vick all went down for the count in their respective games leaving many fantasy football owners scrambling. Those of you who had been starting Michael Vick may have gotten a blessing in disguise; he is a tough quarterback to sit but given his recent play he has in fact been a player who should be benched. It would seem that decision has been made for you; I hope you have a decent backup quarterback in place. Jay Cutler and Alex Smith look to miss just this one week with their concussions (Alex Smith may even be able to start since his game is the Monday nighter this week) but Ben Roethlisberger’s injury appears to be much more severe. I would not count on having Big Ben any time soon so make other plans. From a fantasy football perspective there should be quite a few options out there via trade. This late in the season, fantasy owners can ill afford to make any mistakes! I strongly recommend submitting any trade offers you might receive or offer of our staff before making a decision. We are always here to help with fantasy football trade advice!

Which Bills Running Back do I Start?

The conundrum with the Bills Running back situation continues as Fred Jackson surprisingly outscored CJ Spiller once again in week 10. This week should be a little bit clearer since Fred Jackson has already been ruled out of the Thursday night tilt with Miami with a concussion. This is a pivotal game for CJ Spiller as well as his fantasy football owners. If Spiller can have a big night against a tough Miami run defense (currently 5th in the league yielding just over 92 yards per game to opposing running backs) then he may well assert himself as the lead back going forward. Either way both back should be very useful in weeks 12-15; the next three opponents are the Colts, Jaguars and Rams.

Don’t’ Mess With Texas!

This just in; the Texans defense is good, I mean really good! Even with IDP monster linebacker Brian Cushing on Injured reserve the Texans still rank 3rd against the run and the pass through ten weeks. Most recently the stout Texans Defense shut down stud running back Matt Forte holding him to just 39 yards on 16 carries. Next up are the Jacksonville Jaguars; I recommend benching every single one of them in week 11. I do expect the current NFL sack leader JJ Watt to get at least two sacks in this one as well.

Winning week 11 is pivotal for a successful season! If you need help be sure to submit any and all trade offers for free fantasy football trade analysis!

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Week 9 Fantasy Football Review – Doug Martin for President!



Holy Muscle Hamster - Week 9 had is fair share of surprises one of which would be Doug Martin aka the muscle hamster going ballistic for 251 rushing yards and 4 touchdowns. Those numbers are absolutely absurd both in real life and for fantasy football purposes. I am here to tell you not to sell high on Doug Martin. For the remainder of the season Doug martin and the bucs will only face a top ten rush defense ONE time! After this week’s tilt with the chargers it should be smooth sailing for the Muscle hamster. If you bought in early, enjoy the ride! If you faced him last week quit licking your wounds and get ready for week 10!

Michael Vick is Done – Last Monday’s game against the porous saint’s pass defense was Michael Vick’s last chance to make a comeback in 2012. His lone touchdown pass was very much on a broken play and somewhat fluky. Michael Vick didn’t fumble this time around but he sure did throw a pick 6 that may not have been his fault but certainly counts against him. If you can find a buyer, maybe the guy who owns Aaron Rodgers this week, I would sell Vick for pennies on the dollar. The only “weapon” I still want on this Philly offense is Lesean McCoy who remains a top 5 fantasy football running back and had a decent game yardage wise.

Pass on the Tampa Bay Defense – Not only should you “pass” on the Tampa Bay defense for fantasy football purposes but you should also consider passing on them in real life! Through 9 weeks only the Washington Redskins have given up more yards through the air making me officially all in on the San Diego Chargers in week 10. Through 9 weeks only 3 passers have failed to eclipse 300 yards passing on these buccaneers. Those three quarterbacks were Tony Romo, Brady Quinn and Christian Ponder; two of which get a pass for being inferior passers. Carson Palmer hung 414 on the Bucs last week and I see no reason Phillip Rivers won’t do the same.

Week 10 already, trade deadline is just around the corner! Get your questions in for free fantasy football trade advice!

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Fantasy Football Review Week 8 - Trade Targets



Week 8 is in the books and I hope you were all victorious! Most of you have a good understanding of where you team is right now meaning most of you know if its time to go for broke and make a blockbuster fantasy football trade! Before doing so I must advise letting us take a look at any offers you may submit or receive, after all we do offer 24 hour fantasy football trade advice! Below I have written about a few scenarios and players you may want to target for your playoff run.

Dead Last in the League -
It is officially time to go for broke. If you are sitting at dead last in your respective fantasy football leagues then odds are good you will need to win out. Being in such a position makes getting a deal to go through very difficult especially if your league allows a veto process. Regardless of the circumstances, you officially have nothing to lose so make a deal happen right away!

Players to Target -
If you are hurting at Quarterback why not target a disgruntled Michael Vick owner? You need to win right now and Michael Vick faces the Saints this week on Monday night. If Vick can’t get it done against the Saints he should hang up his cleats. Another Quarterback to target would be Eli Manning. Eli has a tough match up this week against the Steelers but he does have the talent tools around him to produce decent fantasy football numbers. Given the match up, I would not be surprised if this one ends with a shoot out. Eli Manning’s next three opponents are the Packers, Redskins and Saints. The Packers are 19th against the pass while the Skins and Saints are ranked 32nd and 30th respectively against the pass. I find the most successful fantasy football trades involving quarterbacks often involve one of two options; A) an owner giving up a good second quarterback after their weekly starter is past his bye week B) an owner who could use a little depth or a small boost at another position. Figure something like Peyton Manning for Ben Roethlisberger and Fred Jackson.

If you are looking for a running back now is a perfect time to nab Reggie Bush from a frustrated owner. Reggie Bush has posted two terrible games in a row but should go a nice run starting this week. The Dolphins next three opponents are the Colts, Titans and Bills. That would be the 27th, 28th and 31st ranked run defenses respectively. Buy now before it is too late!

Those in need of a wide receiver might consider Vincent Jackson. He is not as coveted as he has been in years past yet still produces in a big way. He had a monster game in week 7 followed by a dud in week 8. I am expecting an immediate bounce back this week against he Raiders followed by similar results against the Chargers and Panthers none of which are particularly scary against opposing wide receivers. If you can sneak into the fantasy football playoffs there is a tasty week 15 match up with the Saints.

In the Hunt or in the Lead - Time to gear up for the playoffs!
It is always important to be mindful of your surrounding and keep any eye to the future. Those who get comfortable often find themselves in a tough spot before to long. Stay on your toes and gear up for the fantasy football playoffs while you still can!

Players to Target -
When doing my homework for the fantasy football playoffs a big name quarterback that keeps jumping off the page at me is none other than Tony Romo. Yes I am aware Tony Romo has been a dumpster fire thus far in 2012 but the cowboys love to live and die by his arm. Many do not realize Tony Romo threw the ball 62 times last week! That is not only absurd but very appealing from a fantasy football perspective. I am making this recommendation purely from a fantasy football stand point but make a trade for Romo before he has a huge game! From week 11 onward The Cowboys will face a top 14 passing defense only twice. This stretch includes a week 16 match up with the 30th ranked redskins pass defense followed by a week 17 match up with the Saints who’s pass defense ranks dead last in the league. I am not saying gut your team to get him nor am I saying he should start right away, but if you can smuggle him away from an owner who is most likely sick of him the move could really pay off in the long run.

Those of you seeking a running back will find the sledding a bit tougher this time of year. Most owners are entrenched with their weekly starters at this point and therefore unlikely to come off their starting fantasy football running backs for anything less than a king’s ransom. A couple of running backs I have found to be easy targets are Vick Ballard and Donald Brown. Obtaining one of these two guys should be relatively easy and cheap given the current situation. 5 of the Colt’s next 9 opponents rank in the bottom 3rd of the league against the run including a week 16 fantasy playoff pillow fight with the Chiefs.

Another running back I have been targeting with the fantasy playoffs in mind is the ageless wonder Willis Mcgahee. The Broncos are getting better by the day and their running backs have a highly favorable schedule the rest of the way. 7 of their next 9 opponents rank in 20th or lower against the run including week 15 against the Ravens (26th) week 16 against the Browns (24th) and week 17 against the Chiefs (23rd) Go get Willis if you can.

For fantasy wide receivers, I am sticking with the Cowboys. No I am not a Cowboys fan but that playoff schedule is too tempting to pass up on. The week 15 tilt with the Steelers is a little scary but week 16 and 17 against the Redskin and Saints makes acquiring either Miles Austin or Dez Bryant very tantalizing. Don’t bet the farm on either of them but it might worth it to throw an offer at one of their owners especially if you get that coveted week 15 bye during your fantasy playoffs!

Trade deadlines are creeping up on us and there is no longer room for error! Be sure to submit any and all offers your send or receive for free fantasy football trade advice!

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Fantasy Football Week 7 Review: Mid-Season Analysis



With week 7 in the books most of you are probably half way through your season. This is a great time to step back and take strong look at your team. You will want to assess just how well you did during the first half and if necessary make some mid-season adjustments. We are here to help with any fantasy football trade advice you may need but below are some guidelines to help you make the right moves and get to the championship!

Are you Feeling Lucky Punk?
The first question you need to ask yourself is what is your record? You may find your team is currently undefeated and sitting atop your division or perhaps the whole league. You have obviously had some good luck along the way but just how lucky have you been? Perhaps you played against the person who owned Maurice Jones-Drew last week (Jones-Drew left in the first quarter this past Sunday and will miss multiple games with a severe foot injury. Go get Rashad Jennings right away) maybe you threw James Jones into your lineup one of those weeks where he scored two touchdowns. In any form of football a win is a win but if you team has been more lucky than good you may want to consider shaking things up a little bit. On the flip side, perhaps your team has been a bit unlucky. Those of you who spent high draft picks on Greg Jennings, Hakeem Nicks, Michael Vick and Chris Johnson know just how bad luck can be to a fantasy football player. I urge those of you who drafted well but have just been unlucky to stay the course! If two weeks pass and you are still losing then feel free to shake it up. Just remember, you drafted those guys for a reason.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie!
Weeks 4 through 9 are historically the weeks in which most standard leagues experience the vast majority of their trade activity. Odds are good the people making the offers are the ones who are struggling at the bottom of the barrel. I always recommend letting those owners flounder at the bottom of your league or division to give you a buffer should you start to lose some games. Most leagues take the top 4-6 teams into the playoffs and as we all know, once you are in the playoffs anything can happen. Giving yourself some bottom feeders to keep maintain a lofty ranking is always advisable in any size league. That said; if the guy in last place offers you something you cannot refuse by all means take the offer. Just make sure it is a deal that will get you into the coveted fantasy football playoffs!

Go All In!
What if you are the guy in last place? Stop what you are doing and take good look at your roster. Feel free to write in for free fantasy football roster analysis! We can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses hopefully getting your team back on track. For those of you sitting pretty now may be a good time to move some of your depth for a playoff push. Yes injuries could happen, so If you own Arian Foster, do not trade Ben Tate. But let’s say you have 4 or 5 starting running backs but only two premium wide receivers, now is the time to make a move. You can’t start them all and awesome players on your bench won’t do you any good if your third fantasy wide receiver is a bum. Your window of trade opportunity is closing fast!

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Week 6 Fantasy Football Review: Fantasy Running Back Advice



The Shonn Green Aberration
Week six came and went with a big surprise, Shonn Green was actually an NFL running back! Against an overmatched Colts defense Shonn Green rumbled for 161 yards and 3 touchdowns giving many of his fantasy football owners a big boost and an even bigger surprise. Before we get all excited thinking that Shonn Green has finally become the back he was meant to be we should remember that he has done this before. In 2011 Green rushed for 88 yards and 3 touchdowns in week 13 to save his season. He followed that up with a 129 yard 1 touchdown effort to save an other wise dismal fantasy football season. Unlike last year, this season Green’s best performance occurred while there is still hope of trading him off and I suggest you do just that! His next three opponents are the Patriots, Dolphins and Seahawks; all of which are top 6 in the league against the run. It is going to tough sledding for the next few weeks so sell Green while he is still riding high on his week 6 performance.

Can any of the Cardinal’s Running Backs be Trusted?
As expected the Arizona Cardinals came out in week 6 with a time share between LaRod Stephens-Howling and William Powell with a tiny bit of Alfonso Smith sprinkled in. Smith was a non-factor and Stephen-Howling looked like the 3rd down back he was born to be. The Real winner had to be William Powell who managed to gain 78 yards on 13 carries adding one reception for 8 yards. Nothing too impressive on paper but he definitely looks like the best option going forward. If you are desperate you could certainly do much worse from a fantasy football standpoint especially when you factor in the upcoming bye weeks.

Jordy Nelson and James Jones
The new dynamic duo in Green Bay helped light up the scoreboard catching 5 of Aaron Rodgers 6 touchdowns on Sunday night. Jordy Nelson snagged 3 touchdowns besting James Jones’ 2 but both clearly had great fantasy football outings in week 6. Going forward it would seem Jordy Nelson could be Aaron Rodgers number one target even after Greg Jennings comes back from his groin injury. As far as James Jones goes it would appear he has gotten over his inconsistent nature that plagued fantasy owners in the past. There is an air of flukiness to his game as he has yet to have a big game from a yardage standpoint but as long as Greg Jennings is out and as long as James Jones keeps on scoring he is a number 2 fantasy football wide receiver in all formats.

Dallas Running Back Conundrum
The Dallas Cowboys literally got off to a running start Sunday afternoon as both Demarco Murray and Felix Jones gashed the previously vaunted Baltimore run defense to the tune of 185 yards on 32 carries collectively. Felix Jones had a very nice 22 yard scamper for the duo’s only rushing touchdown of the day. Unfortunately, just as Demarco Murray started to live up to his draft day value he went down with a sprained foot. Murray had one carry in the second half before being pulled as a precaution. Good thing too as a Monday morning MRI revealed ligament damage in that sprained foot. As a result Demarco Murray has already been ruled out for week 7 making Felix Jones the hottest waiver wire add of the week. Grab him if you can especially if you own Murray, the Cowboys face the Panthers in week 7 so the getting should be good. Lets not forget that Darren McFadden had a “standard Sprained foot” last season which seemed to never heal. Felix Jones is a must add this week and Phillip Tanner should be kept on your radar.

Which Bills Running back Should I Start?
With the right match up, I say both! One could look at this 50-50 timeshare as very frustrating or one could look at it from a positive point of view. Both Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller are top 10 when they have the back field to themselves (which could happen any week) When both running backs are healthy they cannibalize each other’s value but both can be used as a 3rd running back. Since both players have such great potential if the other player should go down and both can be counted on for roughly 50 yards and at least a chance of a score both players have a underrated value.

Robert Griffin III
Robert Griffin III
has been an unstoppable force in all but one game this season. The one exception is when he took a huge hit against Atlanta in week 5 and left the game. A Quarterback who can run like this can be fantasy football gold if he can stay healthy. I’m thinking that big hit may have been the best thing that could have ever happened to the Rookie quarterback’s fantasy value. Perhaps he has learned to step out of bounds or slide when danger is imminent. If you own him he is a must start in all formats but make sure you have a solid backup in place should the unthinkable happen.

Looking to shake things up this week? Be sure to submit your question for unlimited fantasy football trade advice!

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Week 5 Fantasy Football Review: Waiver Wire Advice



Week 5 saw its fair share of injuries occur at some key positions. When factoring in previous injuries and upcoming bye weeks a lot of fantasy football owners can be left scrambling for answers and that is where we come in.

Cedric Benson -
With the current state of the running back position, seeing a feature back like Cedric Benson go down is never good. While Cedric Benson certainly wasn’t blowing the doors off with any record breaking games, he did get plenty of work making him a fantasy football asset. The news out of Green Bay is not good as Cedric will likely miss 6-8 weeks minimum leaving Alex Green and James Starks to fight for the table scraps. Word has it Alex Green has already been named the starter which as we all know, doesn’t mean a ton these days. This situation is likely to be a time share and don’t be surprised if John Kuhn steals the goal line carries. Look no further than 2010 when Ryan Grant went down in week one. Brandon Jackson and John Kuhn formed the platoon in Grant’s stead with Kuhn getting the majority of the goal line looks. Aaron Rodgers was the big winner that season stealing several rushing touch downs and going off in the passing game. I get the feeling the Aaron Rodgers show is about to get rolling after a very slow start to 2012. There is a very realistic chance Aaron Rodger steps up and catches fire as soon as week 6. Which leaves s with the question of which Green Bay Packers running back to add? If I have only one waiver wire claim I would have to recommend adding Alex Green. We know what James Starks is capable of, I for one have not been impressed. Alex Green has shown excellent burst and the Green Bay brass is eager to see what he can do with the opportunity. Both running backs are must adds in all formats but you must temper expectations, this will become Aaron Rodgers show once again. Right now Green Bay needs to simply win football games by any means necessary. I get the feeling a 13-7-4 carry split is looming with Green Leading the way followed by Starks then Kuhn. Not exactly fantasy football gold.

Ryan Williams / Beanie Wells -
The running back situation out in Arizona is an absolute mess. Beanie Wells is out until at least thanksgiving and Ryan Williams has been shut down for the season. This leaves a triumvirate of LaRod Stephens-Howling, Alfonso Smith and William Powell to fight over the scraps. Let that resonate for a moment. All three are worth speculative adds simply because running backs in this league are so valuable for fantasy football purposes. There is a tasty match up this Sunday against the woeful Bills 30th ranked run defense so hopefully one of these guys will emerge as a lead dog. Stephens-Howling is still recovering from a hip flexor injury and William Powell may have suffered a concussion in last Thursdays game so the lead dog could very well become Alfonso Smith. If no one emerges from this disaster or if LaRod Stephens-Howling cant get healthy I would not be surprised if the Cardinals added a free agent. Someone like Joseph Addai would be a speculative guess.

Jimmy Graham & Jermichael Finley -
Both of these players should be ok and New Orleans has a bye in week six. The fact that they sustained injury should be plenty enough reason to hit the waiver wire for a solid backup to stash. I’m sure the pickings are a bit slim at this juncture but names like Brandon Myers and Anthony Fasano should still be floating around out there in all but the deepest of leagues. Fasano has 27 targets thus far making him top 20 in that category. Brandon Myers has shown decent chemistry with Carson Palmer and has 17 targets this year (keep in mind Oakland was on a bye last week) Both tights ends are on pass happy teams that are typically down in ball games. Both are worth a speculative stash for those looking for a start-able tight end with a little upside.

Wide Receiver Help!
Many fantasy football players across the nation are reeling with the combination of lingering injuries (see Hakeem Nicks) and bye weeks (week 6 - Carolina, Chicago, New Orleans and Jacksonville are all off in week 6) This means in addition to the injuries teams will be without Steve Smith, Brandon Lafell, Brandon Marshall, Lance Moore, Marques Colston, Justin Blackman and Laurent Robinson. For those of you reeling this week you might look to Devon Bess who has quietly had a decent run flying under the Brian Hartline hype machine. Bess has 38 targets on the season, if your desperate you could do a lot worse. If for any reason James Jones of Green Bay is still available he needs to be added yesterday! I doubt he will score two touchdowns each week but I think it is clear that he has the potential to do so. Lastly, I am betting Darius Heyward-Bey was dropped in a lot of leagues after being nearly executed on the field in week 4. Make whatever case you will for Denarius Moore, Heyward-Bey has the best size and speed of any Oakland wide receiver. Combine that with the 111 targets he received last season and I would say he is worth an add in all formats if you have the space. He will face a tough match up in week 6 against the Atlanta Falcons but it looks like smooth sailing after that. Week 7 he’ll face the Jaguars, week 8 is against the Chiefs leading up to a tasty match up against the Bucaneer’s 31st ranked pass defense.

Looking for something more specific? Be sure to submit your question for unlimited fantasy football waiver wire advice!

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Week Four Fantasy Football Review: Peyton Manning is Back!



Four weeks down and I hope you are all 4-0. If not it is important to learn from you mistakes like trusting James Jones in week two with Greg Jennings out; big mistake. You’ve got to learn from the good decisions you made as well like staying the course with Michael Turner. Lets all learn together as we take a look back at some of the lessons from week 4.

Peyton Manning is back!
Or at least it appears that way. Peyton Manning shredded the soft Oakland defense in week four completing 30 of 38 pass attempts with 3 touchdowns. He showed good zip on the ball and is really getting on the same page with Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas. Thomas went over 100 yards receiving and Decker scored a touchdown while catching 7 passes for 79 yards. Peyton Manning showed great poise and put nice zip on the ball; he is legit once again. Both receivers should be considered top 30 fantasy wide receivers and both needed to be started in all formats. If you are ever in a pinch throw in a player facing Oakland, their defense looks like Swiss cheese.

Give the Ball to Lesean McCoy!
Andy Reid, if you are listening please give the rock to Lesean McCoy! When McCoy totes the ball 20+ times a game you are achieving two things. Clock control and increasing your chances of winning! The Eagles snuck past the Giants on Sunday night and I think it is no coincidence that win lined up with McCoy rushing 23 times for 123 yards. Lesean McCoy remains a must start in all fantasy football formats.

Start Dez Bryant or Miles Austin?
If you ask me, I am saying Miles Austin all the way. Sure Dez Bryant eclipsed 100 yards receiving but some of the mental mistakes were inexcusable. Miles Austin knows his hot routes and doesn’t drop that 60 yard bomb that should have gone for six points. That is the difference between one receiver having a monster fantasy game or two receivers being fantasy football “serviceable” If Tony Romo wants to get back on track he needs to be looked to his best all around receiver and that is Miles Austin.

Green Bay offense is back on track!
For all the foolish fantasy owners who were worried about Aaron Rodgers 4 touchdowns and 300 yards should cure your night sweats. Fantasy football’s top quarterback went off against the pitiful New Orleans Saints defense (as expected) He found Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings and James Jones for touchdowns, including two touchdowns for Jones. It should be noted that Greg Jennings sat out the second half after re-injuring his groin, his status is uncertain for week 5. If Jennings sits, James Jones is the natural plug in. Just don’t expect 2 touchdowns.

J.J. Watt is an IDP Monster!
For the hardcore fantasy football players, IDP (individual defensive players) is the only way to go. J.J. Watt has led the way for the Houston Texans amassing 7.5 sacks, 16 solo tackles, 12 tackles for a loss and 2 fumble recoveries. This guy is the real deal and not just another sell high defensive lineman. If you’ve got him, enjoy the ride! Remember Mario Williams? Neither do the Texans.

Should you hang on to Michael Turner or sell high?
Definitely hold on to him! But Be sure to handcuff him with Jaquizz Rodgers. Michael Turner had his best game of the year as predicted, shredding the Porous Carolina Defense for 171 all purpose yards and a touchdown. Granted this was a weaker defense but is till maintain Michael Turner will finish as a top 15 running back (or better) in standard fantasy formats. This holds true simple because the Atlanta offense is so potent this season. In the current running back market, you could do far worse.

Start Roddy White or Julio Jones?
Why not both? For all you Julio Jones fans out there is still hope, the guy is a beast! The fact of the matter is that Roddy White is still top dog in Atlanta for at least one more season. Matt Ryan has great chemistry with him and will continue to turn to Roddy White in the clutch. Both will finish over 1,000 yards and 8 touchdowns so there is plenty to go around. But if I could only own one for the rest of the season it would have to White and barring injury, that will not change.

Is the Jets offense done?
The thus far pitiful Jets offense is not dead but it is on life support. I am not rushing to add Bilal Powell nor am I rushing to drop Shonne Green, after all he is still a starting running back in the NFL. If you are dropping Shonne Green then you better drop Donald Brown and Ryan Williams as well. The life for this offense will come in the form of Tim Tebow who as I stated in the preseason will have the starting gig by week 6. Add him now if you need a boost at quarterback, for a fantasy football quarterback Tebow does the trick.

Is Brian Hartline for real?
He sure could be. The Ohio State product is currently leading all wide receivers with 455 yards. If you have someone trying to buy him by all means sell high but take now less than a number two fantasy running back for him. Miami doesn’t have a whole lot going for them and they are almost always down. Why not air it out? Brian Hartline should remain a solid fantasy football wide receiver for the remainder of 2012.

What’s the deal with Ryan Mathews?
He certainly is back but may not be full speed. Norv Turner seems to be easing him back into things spelling the young stud in waiting with Jackie Battle. Ryan Mathews will eventually start getting all the carries if he can hold onto the football. In the mean time expect a 60-40 times share in Mathews favor until further notice.

Week 5 is just around the corner. If you are shaking things up be sure to get your questions in for unlimited fantasy football trade advice!

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Should I Trade Aaron Rodgers?



You have got some explaining to do! Week three is in the book and a lot of player have some explaining to do. Aaron Rodgers has looked pretty rough through three games and is not living up to his draft day expectations. In addition to Aaron Rodgers lack of success it seems clear that Chris Johnson is flat out done! He could not get the job done against the Lions, which means he probably wont fair any better against the top rated Texans. Sell him now if you can still find a buyer! I personally have found some success trading Chris Johnson for the likes of Michael Turner; the lesser of two evils. Lets delve further into some players that have some explaining to do in this special edition week 3 fantasy football review.

NY Giants vs. Carolina -
I could certainly write non-stop about all of the Giants success stories from week 3 which included big games from Ramses Barden (an excellent handcuff for Hakeem Nicks owners) Martellus Bennett (again) and Andre Brown who went off in relief of the oft injured Ahmad Bradshaw. All needed to be owned a week ago. On the flip side Cam Newton has a lot of explaining to do. Three interceptions and zero passing touchdowns are simply unacceptable out of your starting fantasy football quarterback. He might be a nice buy low option as he will most likely struggle against the stout Atlanta defense in week 4.

Chicago vs. St. Louis -
The entire St. Louis offense has some explaining to do. The leading passer in this game was Jay Cutler with 183 yards passing and the Rams could hardly muster any points aside from two field goals. I don’t care if it is Danny Amendola or Steven Jackson, I am selling all parts of this Rams offense. The lack of production can only be tolerated for so long. Michael Bush should have had a bigger game than he did; 55 yards and one touchdown is serviceable but somewhat of a let down.

Buffalo vs. Cleveland -
Big story here is the injury to CJ Spiller. He should be ok but if you have a spot open snap up Tashard Choice right now, he will probably get at least one start before Fred Jackson or Spiller returns to action. No one in this game really has any explaining to do, everyone seemed to perform as expected.

Dallas vs. Tampa Bay -
Tony Romo has some serious explaining to do in this one. Just one week after fans watched Eli Manning go off against this abysmal Tampa Secondary, Romo came out and stunk it up! Miles Austin went over the century mark as expected and did return from the locker room after being checked out by trainers for a rib injury. Demarco Murray indeed has some explaining to do as well. He did score a touchdown to save his fantasy owners but 18 carries for 38 yards simply will not do.

NY Jets vs. Miami -
I don’t think anyone in this game has some explaining to do unless you were foolishly counting on any of the Jets players for fantasy football purposes. In my mind Shonne Green and Mark Sanchez are droppable but I would hang onto Santonio Holmes who had a nice game. With the current dearth of running backs a speculative owner might add Balil Powell who could over take Shonne Green any day now. Reggie Bush should be good to go in week 4 but now might be a good time to obtain his handcuffs Daniel Thomas and Lamaar Miller.

Minnesota vs. San Francisco -
The 49ers as an entire team have some explaining to do here. For those of you playing eliminator pools, I hope you survived this debacle. There is no reason the 49ers should have lost this game but somehow, someway they did. I expected bigger things from Frank Gore who failed to score; it could be that the Vikings defense is better than advertised. People should not get too excited about Christian Ponder’s high fantasy score in this one, It will be his highest score of the season.

Kansas City vs. New Orleans -
Jamaal Charles finally broke out exploded for over 200 yards and a score, no explaining to do there. Drew Brees need not explain himself either, he has been just fine from a fantasy football standpoint. The saints as a whole have a lot of explaining to do. There are very few “easy” games left on their schedule. There is a chance they start this season 0-4 as they face the Packers at Lambeu field this Sunday.

Cincinnati vs. Washington -
Andy Dalton had a nice game throwing three touchdowns but Benjarvis Green-Ellis certainly has some explaining to do. It is hard to understand how the same fantasy football player who rushes for 91 yards and a score against the vaunted Baltimore Ravens defense in week one only rushes for 38 yards against the lowly Redskins. He did score to save his game but it was ugly. We are still waiting for a Redskins receiver to emerge in the absence of Pierre Garcon, it may very well be Fred Davis if Robert Griffin III continues to look his way in week 4.

Tennessee vs. Detroit -
Oh Chris Johnson where do we begin? I firmly believe he is done with the Tennessee Titans. Perhaps it’s the offensive line’s fault, perhaps its his fault. Either way it flat out is not working. You cant drop him but get him off your roster for any reasonable offer, let him be someone else’s problem. If you are looking for a replacement running back, look no further than the opposing sideline. Mikel Leshoure finally made his lions regular season debut and did not disappoint rushing for 100 yards and a score.

Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis -
Andrew Luck continues his aerial assault going over 300 yards with two scores. Austin Collie is done for the season now so look for Donnie Avery or T.Y. Hilton to emerge opposite Reggie Wayne. Maurice Jones-Drew once again shredded the Indianapolis defense rushing for 177 and a score. No other Jaguar has emerged as viable fantasy football option.

Arizona vs. Philadelphia -
Andy Reid has some serious explaining to do. Rather than giving the ball to his stud fantasy football running back, Lesean Mccoy, Reid chooses to leave the ball in the careless hand of Michael Vick. If these Eagles want to start winning convincingly they need to give the rock to Lesean Mccoy, plain and simple. Beanie Wells proved once again why we all cannot trust him from a fantasy football stand point. I am not touching this rushing attack but if you have to own one it should be Ryan Williams. On a side note, it was nice to Larry Fitzgerald catch all 9 of his targets going for 114 and a score.

Atlanta vs. San Diego -
These Falcons might be ready to take it to the next level this season. The Atlanta defense has been taking the wind out of opponents sails early and often causing teams to abandon their game plans. San Diego was under duress all game long trying to play catch up from the get go. Matt Ryan should be considered elite as long as his weapons stay in tact, all of which are must starts. Perhaps Ryan Mathews is being eased back into action or perhaps the Chargers abandoned the run early on, either way Mathews only saw 10 carries on the day.

Houston vs. Denver -
Finally got that breakout game from Eric Decker, look for him to continue to get attention from Peyton Manning as this season wears on. Tough game for the Broncos but they did make it respectable and score some fantasy points in the mean time. This Texans defense is tough as nails led by the giant known as JJ Watt. If you were lucky enough to draft him in your IDP leagues, he should be amongst your leagues top defensive scorers.

Oakland vs. Pittsburgh -
Nice little shoot out here which saw both Ben Roethlisberger and Carson Palmer put up nice fantasy football scores. The Pittsburgh running game no longer exists so I do not think it is time to sell high on Big Ben - this sort of aerial attack could be norm for 2012. Carson Palmer really spread it around making any of the Oakland wide receivers hard to trust. Denarius Moore would be your best bet drawing 10 targets.

New England vs. Baltimore -
Those of your relying on Stevan Ridley as one of your starting fantasy football running backs should have known better. Belicheck taught you all a lesson Sunday night, Stevan Ridley is certainly the most reliable of the New England running backs but none of them can be fully trusted. Nice to see Torrey Smith finally get a nice game together with 127 and two scores. Another lack luster week and he certainly would have had some explaining to do.

Green Bay vs. Seattle -
The refs have some explaining to do but that is another article for another time. For us fantasy football enthusiasts the bigger concern here would be the thus far poor play or Aaron Rodgers. When I say poor play I mean that from a fantasy football perspective. Rodgers has done ok as an actual quarterback but for fantasy football he has not performed up to his draft day price tag. If you own him you are starting him and should not trade him. That said, Aaron Rodgers without a doubt has some explaining to do currently being outscored by the likes of Jake Locker!?! Unacceptable. Look for a nice bounce back at home against the reeling Saints in week 4. Buy low now if you can.

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Do Not Trade Chris Johnson!



It is only week two and a lot of our players have some explaining to do. I am sure a lot of you drafted Chris Johnson somewhere around the latter part of the first round and thus far he has been a complete bust. Don’t panic just yet, he plays the Lions this week! I’m sure a lot of you selected Michael Turner as your second or third running back and so far he looks like a complete plodder. Don’t panic Just yet, he scored once and should have scored twice! We could go on all day but for now lets take a look back and see if we can figure out what the heck happened in week two.

Green Bay vs Chicago -
The absence of Greg Jennings surely should have meant an up-tick for Jordy Nelson and Jermichael Finley. This notion however, proved to be not entirely true. Nelson had his usual 80-ish yards but again failed to score a touchdown while Jermichael Finley had one of his more forgettable game in recent memory catching just 4 passes for 26 yards and losing a fumble. Both should benefit from Jennings’ return as he should draw a lot of the heavy defensive coverage. Something to keep an eye on, Cedric Benson had a decent game rushing 20 times for 81 yards. On the other side of the football Matt Forte suffered what appeared to be a high ankle sprain as was replaced by Michael Bush. It is likely Forte will sit out next week but could be back sooner than we all initially thought. Either way grab Bush if you can. Brandon Marshall followed up his stellar week one show with a terrible outing last Thursday night. Look for him to rebound in week 3.

Buffalo vs Kansas City -
If you expected to see Jamaal Charles back to his pre-injury form your expectations might be a bit premature. He sat most of the second half after tweaking his surgically repaired knee and was replaced by a combination of Peyton Hillis and Shawn Draughn. At any rate this Chiefs offense looks terrible and struggled to move the ball early on in 2012. I am not selling J-Mail just yet but stay tuned. If you are looking for production out of a running back look no further than the opposing sideline in this game. C.J. Spiller has been electric early on this season and could easily be fantasy football MVP if he keeps it up. At any rate there is little doubt that Spiller will hold onto the starting gig once Fred Jackson returns to the lineup.

Cincinnati vs Cleveland -
Both Benjarvis Green-Ellis and Trent Richardson had solid games with Richardson showing some outstanding tackle-breaking ability during his touchdown run. If you can get your hands on either I would recommend buying both as number two fantasy running backs. Green-Ellis may be obtainable but I highly doubt you will be able to get your hands on Richardson unless he has a couple of down games. Despite Mohamed Massaquoi’s good game, I am still not touching any wide receivers on this field aside from AJ Green.

Indianapolis vs Minnesota -
Another terrible game for Donald Brown. If you can find a buyer, I am selling him right away. The surprise of this game was Donnie Avery who reeled in 111 yards on 10 targets. He now has 18 targets through two games and should be owned in all leagues. For the Vikings, I was expecting much more out of Adrian Peterson who just seemed to have an off day. He should be fine in week 3.

Carolina vs New Orleans -
Another loss for the Saints but lets not forget we are playing fantasy football here, I do not care what the teams record is as long as the players do what they are supposed to! Darren Sproles has been an interesting running back this season in that he has yet to carry the ball even once but still has double digit points each week! Continue to start him with confidence, Drew Brees leans on him. Pierre Thomas crossed the century mark for what will probably be the only time this season. All three of Carolina’s running backs scored (Jonathan Stewart had a receiving touchdown while Deangelo Williams and Mike Tolbert both scored on the ground) but its anyone guess as to which one to start, I say none of them.

Houston vs Jacksonville -
Ben Tate stole two goal line carries from Arian Foster giving them both nice fantasy outings. Ben Tate could do this sort of thing any given Sunday so he could be used a flex option in deep leagues. If you play in standard leagues be sure to start any defense opposing the Jacksonville Jaguars, they cannot move the ball at all.

Miami vs Oakland -
Reggie Bush
appears to be picking up right where he left off in 2011. Thus far he is showing great vision and rushing ability and putting together some outstanding fantasy football numbers. Your opportunity to obtain him has sailed, he could and should be top ten from here on out. Surprise of the game was Brian Hartline who caught 9 balls for 111 yards. He will be this weeks hottest waiver wire claim and will consequently get shut down by Darrel Revis in week 3. If you miss out on him this week grab him next week when he gets dropped after a terrible week 3. He is only Dolphins receiver worth owning in standard leagues. For Oakland, Darren Mcfadden looked ok running the ball, he just couldn’t find any room. Keep trotting him out there, he will get it going any day now.

Arizona vs New England -
Crazy game here with New England losing at home to the Cardinals. Stephen Gostkowski missed the game winning field goal but otherwise had an excellent game for fantasy football purposes. Aaron Hernandez went down with an injury and should be sidelined a few weeks giving all Patriots pass catchers added value until he returns. If you have an opening you might take a flier on Kellen Winslow Jr who was signed by the Pats this morning to fill the void. Don’t expect anything right away, but you never know.

NY Giants vs Tampa Bay -
What a shootout! I hope you had a piece of this one, if not go out and get one! You will have a hard time trading for Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz or Vincent Jackson but check your waiver wire for Martellus Bennett (if you didn’t listen to me last week) or Mike Williams (TB) It should be noted, Ahmad Bradshaw left with a next injury, his week 3 status is up in there air so grab Andre Brown if you need a fill in. He ha s a nice match up against the Panthers in week 3.

Philadelphia vs Baltimore -
As expected, Ray Rice and Lesean McCoy both had nice outings and continue to be must starts regardless of match up. Brent Celek had a huge game amassing 157 yards on 11 targets. He is a sneaky tight end play and someone I am buying if I need a tight end. I am not worried about Michael Vick’s play thus far, we should know what to expect when starting him at this point.

St. Louis vs Washington -
Story of this game had to be Danny Amendola who finally went off. Amendola piled up 160 yards receiving with a touchdown. Expect him to draw top corner coverage from here on out and grab him off your waiver wire if he is still there.

Seattle vs Dallas -
The Cowboys must have a hang over from their big Thursday night victory over the reigned super bowl champs. Almost all Cowboys players fell flat aside from Miles Austin who has scored in both games this year. They will bounce back but it could be an up and down kind of year. Marshawn Lynch had a nice fantasy outing rushing for 122 and a score.

Pittsburgh vs NY Jets -
As expected, Mark Sanchez came back down to earth as did Stephen Hill. The leading rushing in the game was Balil Powell which means I am officially cutting bait on Isaac Redman, Jonathan Dwyer and maybe Shonne Green. Green gets one more week before I sell him for pennies on the dollar. I do not expect much from him but 40 yards and a touchdown would be nice. Ben Roethlisberger continues to sling it all around the field as he continues to be an interesting number two fantasy football quarterback in all formats.

San Diego vs Tennessee -
Antonio Gates
was a late scratch leaving many of his owners screaming at their TV sets as they scrambled to find an afternoon kick off replacement. If you found Donte Rosario you did not regret it. The no name tight end caught 3 touchdown passes, all of which he was left wide open. I expect Gates to return to action next week making Rosario someone to watch but not to be added just yet unless you want an Antonio Gates handcuff. Kenny Britt returned to very limited action but had no set backs with his knee through 19 snaps. His workload will continue to increase and his presence should only help Chris Johnson find room. Chris Johnson once again struggled in this one but don’t sell him off just yet. His potential is too great. Wait for a big game and then sell high and be done with it!

Detroit vs. San Francisco -
The Lions offense was kept pretty much in check by the stellar 49er’s defense. Matthew Stafford looked a bit jittery but should rebound with a nice match up against the Titans in week 3. On the other side of the ball Frank Gore had an excellent game hitting pay dirt and amassing 89 yards on the ground. Vernon Davis showed why is one of the leagues best tight ends taking the lions to school with 73 yards receiving and two touchdowns. He is Alex Smith’s favorite target and a true fantasy football stud.

Denver vs. Atlanta -
Peyton Manning
had a rough outing which included 3 picks in the first quarter alone. He bounced back with a nice touch down pass to Demayrius Thomas just before the half but did not score after that. Willis Mcgahee had an excellent game scoring two touchdowns and reaching the century mark for the first time this season. For Atlanta, Roddy White reasserted himself as the top fantasy wide receiver on the team with over 100 yards and a touchdown. The Julio Jones hype wont and shouldn’t die down this week. Expect Julio to bounce back next week when Champ Bailey is not covering him like a blanket. Michael Turner looked terrible but did punch in a goal line carry to save his fantasy night. He would have had two touch downs but the first one was reversed. Michael Turner continues to have value and should sniff 10 touchdowns once again this season but the yardage is gone. Tony Gonzales had an excellent game and is a must start at his position going forward. I am buying all parts of this Atlanta passing attack.

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